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The responsibilities of the eBook Selector mirror those of the RPLD selectors of physical materials, with some additional responsibilities assigned, in order that the knowledge acquired in pursuit of this relatively new aspect of collection development might be directed towards the crafting of new written policy and the dissemination of new ideas among the staff.

The eBook Selector will:

  • Evaluate and select for purchase ebooks to be added to our consortial collection administered by OverDrive Media, Inc.
  • Consider at all times the relationship between our virtual and physical collections, and coordinate with other selectors.
  • Liaise with the head of Youth Services in order to gather that department’s requests for new ebook aquisitions.
  • Communicate and meet with the consortial selection committee, and work through consortial mechanisms to effect purchases.
  • At all times attempt to adhere to the policies, plans, and practices described on this website.
  • Manage the budget associated with this collection, and administer reports as needed.
  • Keep track of new developments in both ebook technology and the licensing framework that we must adhere to.
  • Commit to professional development relating to knowledge of ebooks in a public library context.
  • Monitor patron feedback to the ebook collection and develop a dialogue with the community, in person and using social media.
  • Transmit patron acquisition requests to the consortial selection committee.
  • Monitor circulation statistics relating to the ebook collection using OverDrive’s Dashboard software.
  • Participate in the RPLD Technology Working Group to disseminate information and foster interdepartmental collaboration

The eBook Selector will, in coordination with the Head of Reference & Adult Services:

  • Help to draft new RPLD policy language relating to ebook collection development and weeding.
  • Assist with devising procedures for reconsideration of ebooks.
  • Assist with evaluation of new vendors, products, and potential inclusion of public domain works into the collection.
  • Assist with negotiations with vendors by providing reports to assist in decision-making.
  • Assist with the evaluation of new collection analysis tools.
  • Attend professional conferences, or sessions at conferences, relating to ebooks, and meet with exhibitors.