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Strategic & Technology Plans


Below you will find some excerpts of RPLD’s strategic and technology plans that have particular bearing on your responsibilities as eBook Selector. It is recommended that you read through the plans in their entirety as you proceed, but the following should help you orient yourself quickly to the task at hand. NB: These plans were not written specifically to address RPLD’s ebook collection; added commentary appears in red.

The complete documents are located on the RPLD intranet here: RPLD Policies, Plans & Manuals. (Internal link only.)

The Strategic Plan

Objective 1.3

Maintain and develop collections in various formats.

 Action Plans

1.3.1     Develop written criteria to evaluate collections.

1.3.2     Develop collections appropriate to demographic changes in the community.

1.3.3     Facilitate increased collection usage by identifying how public areas in the Library are used.

The eBook Selector will facilitate increased online collection usage by identifying how patrons interact with them.

1.3.4    Increase online resources for both educational use and personal interests with an emphasis on remote accessibility

Objective 4.2

Provide additional online services commensurate with current technology and community expectations.

 Action plans:

4.2.4     Explore the use of a single interface for simultaneous searching of the Library’s catalog, electronic collections and the Internet.

As a member of the inhouse Technology Working Group the eBook Selector will participate in discussions about better integration of ebooks into our catalog. We will be experimenting with a new interface in the coming months and be conducting a usability study.

The Technology Plan

Vision Statement

At the Roselle Public Library District, we believe technology is an important tool for supporting the Library’s strategic plan, meeting its service goals and accomplishing its mission to serve and inform the community.

In order to achieve these goals, the Library will utilize appropriate technologies to enhance current resources and expand available information. These will be made accessible to the Roselle area community both inside and outside the library building.

The Library will serve as the gateway to information for Roselle citizens, including coordinating  development of an interactive community network by providing its users with access to Library information and services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; actively exploring the value of emerging technologies to engage and empower its users and to enrich each users’ experience; and, supporting Library staff with up-to-date technology and relevant training opportunities.

The eBook Selector will use RPLD social media to encourage patron-driven acquistion requests and gather feedback from the community about RPLD’s eBook collection.