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July 2018
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Welcome eBook Selector

This blog was begun as a channel to share information internally within the library about the rapidly evolving world of ebooks. Feel free to add posts that you think will be useful, either culled from the web, or original posts you yourself write of interest to RPLD staff.


Copyright Webinar

District Dispatch, the official blog of ALA’s Washington, D.C. office has posted a video based on ALA’s webinar “Complete Copyright for K–12 Librarians and Educators”–which is available for viewing now. Although this video is primarily targeted at school librarians and educators, there’s a lot of valuable information in it for public librarians, and it’s presented in an easily digestible format. Video: Complete Copyright for K–12 Librarians and Educators.

Apps for Tots

School Library Journal recently offered a list of the top ten tech trends for kids. Let’s discuss some of these ideas at our next Technology Roundtable meeting. It’s all about empowering kids and making them feel the library is part of the journey they’re on. Article: SLJ’s Top 10 Tech: 2012.

Survey Reveals a Third of E-Readers Only Used Once

Publishing Perspectives reports on a survey indicating that one third of recipients of e-readers try them out and then never use them again. It would be interesting to gather anecdotal information from our own patrons, particularly those who received a Kindle or Nook as a gift, and see if they sustained a prolonged interest in using the gadgets. Article: Survey Reveals a Third of E-Readers Only Used Once.

Digital Shift Online Event Archive

If you missed the Library Journal/School Library Journal The Digital Shift virtual conference that took place back in October, the archived version is still available at a very reasonable price. Only $10 for students! Digital Shift Conference Archive Pricing.

Surprise! E-Books & Print Books Can Coexist

Book Patrol has posted a cool infographic that incorporates statistics showing that traditional books and ebooks may be able to remain friends after all: Book Patrol Infographic.

The Agency Model

A-Kindle-DX-ebook-reader-001Frédéric Filloux of the UK’s The Guardian offers an interesting perspective on the recent controversy over the “Agency Model” of ebook pricing: eBooks: Defending the Agency Model.

India Produces $50 Android Tablet

Akash Venture Beat reports on a surprisingly powerful Android tablet manufactured in India which costs only $50. The implications for the future of tablet pricing are astounding. Article after the jump.